debugPanel - for iOS more flexible alternative to the console in Xcode

If you’re a app developer and you need something a little more flexible than the console in Xcode, or if you need to do some in-field debugging of your app, then debugPanel may be just the app for you.


Especially, if you have an iPhone app you need to debug, but the iPhone may not have enough screen real-estate for showing you all debug information you would like to monitor.

If you need it, here is a simple demo that you can build and run in Xcode


If you run it, it will talk to debugPanel  and debugPanelLite, even if it's  running on the simulator



debugPanel receives simple text commands and sends them to various panels, depending on the command.

DebugPanel - Main Panel

Command Separator


For multiple word commands, the exclamation mark


is used as a separator. In the examples below, there are spaces between the 1st command, the exclamation mark and following commands, these are only done for clarity and should not be added

debugPanel Commands


These are basically items in the form of text

that can be sent to debugPanel


1. Sending Text to Panels


Writing plain text to the

three main panels

There are three main text panels, a large one on the left and two smaller ones on the right (iPad) or one smaller panel on there right that can be toggled by touching (iPhone)


To Main Panel


Just send text, no exclamation mark.


Send to 2nd Text Panel


txt0 ! Some Text...

To 3rd Text Panel


txt1 ! Some Text...

Note: For iPhone users


Only one of the two panels on the right is visible, they can be toggled by touching the screen


2. Sending Text to the Status Panel


Set the status boxes in the top right


The status panels are in the top right of the display, there are twelve s0 to s11 (iPad)

and six in two panels that can be toggled by touching (iPhone)

Command Format


#####s0 ! Some Text...

Other Status Commands















Panel Color


status panel red

status panel red

status panel yellow

status panel yellow

status panel green

status panel green

status panel red

status panel red

status panel yellow

status panel yellow

status panel green

status panel green



The status colors are so different status messages are have different priorities. The status colors are highlighted for two seconds after being highlighted, then they change back to unhighlighted


3. Sending Text to Flag Panels


Activate popup flags that have to be released by touching them

The flag panels are in the bottom left of the display, there are five flags, flag0 to flag4

Command Format


flag0 ! Some Text...

Other Status Commands


flag0, flag1, flag2, flag3, flag4




Flags appear on the screen and won't disappear until touched

4. Playing Sounds


Play sounds, either built in or added to iTunes,

app document directory by a user



Playing Bundled Sounds


The debugPanel app includes some bundled sounds


Command Format


snd ! sndName

List of included sounds



cymbal.wav drum.wav


















play Sounds in the iTunes App Directory


Play sounds that user can add to the app


Command Format


snd2 ! sound full filename



Speaks text using the speech synthesizer.


Command Format


speak ! some text...


spk ! some text..

5. Log Control


Control logging of debugPanel, allows the user to modify the debugPanel logs



viewLogs presses the view logs button on debugPanel . Sending viewLogs repeatedly cycles through the all the saved logs on debugPanel


Command Format





saveLog saves the current screen of data


Command Format





Delete all the logs from debugPanel


Command Format





pauses debugPanel from receiving messages from a remote device. Users must manually press the button on debugPanel to un-pause the panel


Command Format



6. Various Commands


Various other commands that just don't really fit in anywhere else

Clear Screen


Just clears the main debugPanel left screen. Either command can be used


Command Format


   clr, clear




Outputs the time to the main panel. Format is :




Command Format



Clear All


Clears all screens, status and flags. it has the same function as the clear button on debugPanel


Command Format


   clrAll, clearAll




Outputs the date to the main panel. Format is:




Command Format




Comment lines


Add comments line to the main screen according to some inbuilt rules


Command Format


/  will generate ///////////////////////////


// will generate //////////////////////////////////////////////////////


*  will generate ***************************


** will generate ******************************************************



Displays an alert on the screen


Command Format


alert ! some title...


Send Characters


Send a number of character to the debugPanel main screen


Command Format


char ! # ! 10


c ! # ! 10

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Debug panel

debugPanel - for iOS

If you’re a app developer and you need something a little more flexible than the console in Xcode, or if you need to do some in-field debugging of your app, then debugPanel may be just the app for you.


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