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Learning a Language Should be Enjoyable !!!

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98% of Most Common Words in English


English is easy. you can communicate very effectively with 3000 words.


3000 words will give you 98% of all English vocabulary.


Of course, you don’t just need the vocabulary.


You need to learn how they are used:


1. In sentences


2. In phrasal verbs (2 or more word verbs)

for example:

“put on”, “take off”


3. And Idioms

These are the links to the words, just click on the links to get the vocabulary


This link will give you 2000 words

- that’s 95% of all English vocabulary


This second link will give another 1000 words

- an extra 3% to bring you to 98%


Many words you will know already, so just SLOWLY go through the words, a few at a time until you can make a list of words you need to learn


and then learn them SLOWLY


I say SLOWLY because there will be a lot of words to learn and you should just

 do a few a day


Enjoy Studying English!!!

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