Article: Entranz for iOS - The Original Press Release - First Published - July 2014


Entranz for iOS: mind-blowing, psychedelic, ever changing patterns on your device


Patterns and effects flying around your screen, that can easily be created, edited and synchronized to music. Entranz also has a serious side and includes a full-featured particle effects editor.



Introduction -Why? Why? Why?


Until recently, screen-savers were used to save TVs and monitors from “burn in”. Burn-in occurs when static images were on the screen for a long time. These days, TVs and computer monitors have advanced to the point such that screen-savers don’t really do much, and for most users they are mostly just for entertainment. Screen-savers were originally just black screens. It was only later on that screen-savers as we know them now were developed.


In addition, various software companies took screen-savers to a whole new level, combining the idea of a screen-saver with an audio source, such a CD/player on your computer or an mp3 file; my favorite being the Psychedelic Screen Saver for Windows, which if used in conjunction with CD/Spectrum Pro could edit and display patterns on the screen that synchronize with the music.


Entranz, designed by Mind Technology, is a universal app that does something similar to other screen-saver/music syncing apps and a whole lot more.



The Managers - Who's in Charge?


Entranz consists of four main screens that we call calls managers; the Pattern Manager, the Effects Manager, the Image Manager and the File Manager and a fifth screen for Settings. Because entranz is partly a visual entrainment app, great care has been taken to maximize the screen space on both the iPad and iPhone.

There are toolbars at the top and bottom of each manager, these can be set to auto-hide and navigation between managers is achieved by double tapping on the left or the right of the screen halfway down the screen.


Double-tapping navigation is also necessary because of the vast number of tools on the toolbars and because of the lack of screen real estate on the iPhone 5 and especially the iPhone 4.




Workflow - How to do stuff

The visual pattern display consists of up to three main layers; a background image, a foreground image and an effects layer sandwiched in-between. To put it simply, the Pattern Manager allows users to add multiple effects into what the company calls “patterns”. The Effects Manager allows for the creation and manipulation of effects.


The Image Manager adds (or removes) foreground and background images and allows users to set the opacity of those images.


Finally, the File Manager handles all import and export of images, patterns, effects and ambient sounds. Allowing users to import patterns, effects, images and ambient sounds. As it is iOS, nearly everything of course is done with single or multiple touches and swipes.




Novel Uses, Obvious Uses


Entranz can be used a serious tool for editing particle effects. However, there are other novel uses for the app. For example, entranz could be used as an entertaining information panel, for advertising, wishing someone happy birthday or for a special anniversary. In addition, connect entranz via Apple TV to a big screen would look great at a party, especially with entranz monitoring the party music via the built-in microphone.




Final Thoughts - What's Next?


This is only a brief overview of some of the features in entranz. On the surface, entranz is a simple app to use.


But beneath the surface there are many things we could talk about. Gesture based volume control and microphone levels, pausing and playing of music with just a two-finger tap. External sound can drive the patterns from the microphone, allowing patterns to synchronize with external sounds such as music or speech. Patterns can be associated to music in the iPod player. Foreground and background images can be manipulated with the accelerometer to create a parallax effect when the device is moved or rotated.


Entranz doesn’t really fit comfortably into any particular category on the iTunes store, being a cross between a utility, a design tool and an entrainment app.


Finally, for what entranz does, the price is amazing. And we are working to improve entranz all the time and have a lot of exciting plans for the future of the product.


Entranz on iTunes


Mind Technology Website



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mind-blowing, psychedelic, ever changing patterns on your device


Patterns and effects flying around your screen, that can easily be created, edited and synchronized to music. Entranz also has a serious side and includes a full-featured particle effects editor.


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