Patterns and effects flying around the screen, that can easliy be:

- created so easliy -
- edited with ease and control -

-synchronized to music -

Patterns can be created by just touching the various screens


 - state of the art -

- beautiful to look at -

- super-easy to use -

Entranz has an amazing music player that plays music while your patterns change


and in microphone mode, patterns are synchronized with any music or sounds playing near your device

This is a universal app for all iPhones and iPads

Below Are a Few Introductory Screenshots


The Effects Manager


The Effects Manager is where you can edit individual effects;


  - you can alter the source particle for the effect; v

  - the starting and finishing sizes;

  - variations in those sizes;

  - rotation;

  - speed;

  - gravity;

  - and many more;


There are at least 48 different parameters you can alter.


Changing Slider Values


  - Changing values is easy - simply move a slider

 Sliders too imprecise?


  - use the - and + buttons to change values.

  - Sliders or buttons simply too small?

  - Just touch a slider then touch the screen to change (1 or 2 connected) sliders,


The whole screen becomes the slider!

The Pattern Manager


The Pattern Manager is where you can mix stock effects

or effects you created in the Effects Manager together.


Image Manager


Now you're got a nice Pattern running, but you want to give it some class?


Simply add a foreground and background image:


  - The background image is behind the many running effects in your pattern.

  - The foreground image is in front of your effects running in your pattern.



Why have stopping in front of your pattern?


Well two reasons:

  - Firstly, you can change the opacity of both the foreground and background images to make it look cool and arty.

  - Secondly you can use png format and mask out areas of the screen.


The File Manager


Want to save that Effect or Pattern?

Want to share with friends?

Want to import more images, effects or patterns?


  - Thats what the File Manager is designed to do.

The Settings Manager


We think Settings is Amazing!



Like all panels in Entranz it is semi-transparent.



As regards the settings themselves:


  - We haven't taken the simplest point of view here

  - We want to be able to alter anything and everything you like


There are twelve settings panels, with everything

we can think of that you might like to change.


  - Some are system-wide: that means they affect the entire app

  - Some are pattern-wide; that means the setting only affects patterns



On the iPad, as there is a lot of screen real-estate


  - altering a setting changes the text in the bottom right help panel

  - so you can clearly know what a particular setting does



On the iPhone, we're a little limited in screen real-estate


  - so we've tried to include and much text next to the slide or switch to help you.

  - Failing that there's always this comprehensive website that is packed full of info and ideas

Help Please!


Help is simple, help is just right...


On each screen in the top-right-hand corner is a lifebuoy


  - just press it to toggle help

  - then just press areas of the screen for help in that area

  - try touching anywehere to find help, different screens have different help areas



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